Friday, May 13, 2005

Go ahead, Jeff...Jim...whatever

Did they let Jeff Gannon back in the White House press room? From yesterday's briefing:

Q Scott, U.N. leaders have faced a number of scandals over the past year, from the Oil for Food scandal, the sex scandal in Africa, possible involvement by Kofi Annan, the Volcker possible whitewash of the investigation. Why is it that Republican leaders seems to be more upset about John Bolton's tough management style than they are with corruption at the U.N.? And where's the outrage regarding that instead of whether or not Bolton is, let's say, polished enough to handle the job as U.N. ambassador?
I like the "Volcker possible whitewash" bit. Why wait for the report when you can smear it ahead of time?

Get all your Bolton info at The Washington Note.


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