Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Conservatives and the next Grover Norquist

Want to ensure that you have access to, and the attentive ear of, your elected representative?

Here's how:

1. Get rich.
2. Get a bunch of your rich pals together.
3. Have regular meetings, possibly with some silly rules involved.
4. Dangle a bunch of cash in front of people who are running for office.

The article talks a bit about the dynamic of fiscal conservatives, who have got the money, and social conservatives, who have got the self-righteous indignation. The author makes some broad assertions about the social conservatives that come off as, well, broad assertions.

But the cynical, nut-shell conclusion after reading this article is that part of the conservative power structure is trying to rake in more money from the middle- and lower-classes, and the other part of the power structure is trying to tell everyone else how they can live their lives. A double-whammy - you can be an economic slave AND an ideological slave. Enjoy!


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