Sunday, July 03, 2005


Karl Rove may be the big bad wolf, or Lucifer incarnate, or just a mortal, soulless conniver and liar. And it may be pleasing to see him go into the soup because of bad actions and arrogance.

But let's not forget. Rove was the guy to slime Kerry and his war record, to minimize the impact of his record compared to President Bubble Boy's party daze. Rove may have acted badly in smearing Kerry, and in trying to convice the voters that Bush was actually a tough leader in the face of terrorism.

But those 51% (or whatever) of voters were the ones who bought it. They believed in Bush, or were given enough doubts about Kerry.

So, take away Rove and the College Republicans will produce another one like him or worse. It's more important to answer the bullshit and the lies.


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