Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Smoke machine

It seems that someone is firing up the smoke machine. As in, let's create some smoke to obscure the real issues, and give the press some things to chase other than:

* A war started for bogus reasons
* The inept handling of that war and the post-war
* A failed hunt for Bin Laden
* The Rove-Plame scandal
* A corrupt national party (in the US Congress, Ohio, New Hampshire)

Those are the real issues. Here is the smoke:

* Able Danger. Kevin Drum has a good handle on this one.
* Clinton's response to the gathering threat of Bin Laden. "News" from the NYT.

I'm sure that Fox and its junior incarnations will be hopping up and down about that NYT Clinton-Bin Laden story. Smoke.


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