Thursday, September 15, 2005

Katrina and Urban Liberalism: Both bad

Howard Kurtz linked to this article in the The New Republic. The excerpt in his article seemed dubious, so I went ahead and read it. Allow me to comment.

During the years preceding the hurricane, New Orleans indulged many of the worst tendencies of urban liberal politics--and on the day Katrina made landfall, it was the poorest residents of the city who paid the price.


Even as crime rates have fallen throughout the country, the number of violent crimes in New Orleans was rising well before the storm.

For the following reasons, this is the fault of liberals. On second thought, let's skip the reasons and simply move on.

Yet apparently no one had devised a plan to move these citizens [who had no access to any form of private transportation] out of town in the event of an emergency.

This is also the fault of liberals. Let's continue.

In addition, New Orleans relied upon the leisure and hospitality sector to provide 13.3 percent of its jobs; in Houston, the tourism industry has a hold on only 8.7 percent of the city's jobs.

It is our position that this is bad, and the fault of liberals.

Like many cities, its leadership gambled that the arts, nightlife, and a tourist economy could build prosperity, or at least a semblance of it. ... San Francisco, despite all its natural advantages, has lost jobs and much of its middle class, mutating into a playground for young, affluent liberals.

San Francisco sucks! Fucking queers, I mean, liberals.

...the economics of tourism leave huge segments of the population behind.

And here we approach something resembling a point. Our point is that there are problems with a tourism-focused local economy. Which, clearly is the fault of liberals.

What's that? Perhaps a strong union could help low-wage job-holders in that industry? Let's address that. On second thought, let's just close with:

contemporary urban liberalism has to take its share of the blame.


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