Monday, September 12, 2005

"Run like a business"


The denial and the frustration finally collided aboard Air Force One on Friday...One by one, the lawmakers listed their grievances as Bush listened. Rep. Bobby Jindal, whose district encompasses New Orleans, told of a sheriff who had called FEMA for assistance. According to Jindal, the sheriff was told to e-mail his request, "and the guy was sitting in a district underwater and with no electricity," Jindal said, incredulously. "How does that make any sense?" Jindal later told NEWSWEEK that "almost everybody" around the conference table had a similar story about how the federal response "just wasn't working." With each tale, "the president just shook his head, as if he couldn't believe what he was hearing," says Jindal, a conservative Republican and Bush appointee who lost a close race to Blanco. Repeatedly, the president turned to his aides and said, "Fix it."

"Fix it" is the direction from President Bubble Boy. But, how much can we read into those two words? Plenty!

"Fix it" is something one would say if he had no idea how his organization actually works. It means, "I have no specific recommendations, because I don't know how my agencies interact, and frankly I probably couldn't name the agencies anyway."

"Fix it" is something one says when he expects that people in his organization can do the job, and only need his go-ahead to do so. No consideration is given to exactly how competent those people are, and if one of those people may be fucking up. Bubble Boy appointed people, therefore they are competent, and therefore only need to be told to "fix it."

And doesn't it matter who he gave this insightful direction to? The article only says "aides." But is he telling Rove the political guru, for example, to go and improve the communication systems that are being used in New Orleans? Is he giving the right people this order? Can these aides actually improve the situation, or are they just going to pick up a phone and look busy?

Clueless CEO, President Bubble Boy.


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