Thursday, October 13, 2005

Richard Cohen

Atrios declares Richard Cohen to be "wanker of the day" for his column, Let My Leaker Go!.

OK, it's called "Let This Leak Go", which strangely is not about a prostate problem.

My message to Cohen:

I'm sure you are receiving many responses to your column "Let This Leak Go" and that mine is just one of those many. Hopefully, the volume of responses will not prevent you from reading and considering this one.

As someone who has been following this story, as much as possible given the lack of information, I have to say that I have not seen a less serious take on the matter than your column.

Without knowing what evidence and testimony has been presented, other than that of the reporters involved who are not named Miller, you are suggesting that Fitzgerald not indict anyone and go home. You have decided and announced what action he should take without knowing the facts of the case.

By what definition is this journalism or opinion? There must be some editors around; please ask them if, as a rule, you should proceed with a story or column if you don't have the essential facts.

You are suggesting a course of action for the prosecutor, and ascribing motives to the subjects of the investigation, and downplaying (at best) the validity of the charges that may be brought, all without the facts that you need to do any of these things.

Your column cannot be taken seriously. Thank you for your attention.

Lame Man


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