Sunday, November 20, 2005

Better late than never. Except for the casualties.

Pentagon to Raise Importance of 'Stability' Efforts in War

The Pentagon's leadership, recognizing that it was caught off guard by difficulties in pacifying Iraq after the invasion, is poised to approve a sweeping directive that will elevate what it calls "stability operations" to a core military mission comparable to full-scale combat.


The directive also envisions sending abroad more civilian officials, including State Department personnel, to help the military establish the peace and rebuild after combat.

This article made me dizzy. Did I dream that the last two years happened, but they did not really happen? Was this article written two years ago but, due to an amusing but astounding series of mishaps, it was not published until now?

Was this article written two years ago, in a parallel dimension in which there is a competent administration, and a tear in spacetime caused the article to appear in our world, at our current time?

Or is it that this kind of initiative should have happened two years ago, and didn't.


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