Monday, November 28, 2005

A nauseating trip back in time

Timing Entwined War Vote, Election

"There was a sense I had from the very beginning that this was in part politically motivated, and they were going to maximize the timing to affect those who were having some doubt about this right before the election," Daschle said.

Daschle: "There was a sense...this was in part...those who were having some doubt..."

Could you stuff any more mealy in your mouth, Tom?

Of course the timing was politically motivated. The article also says that Bush was smirking at Daschle when he asked for a vote before the November elections. Classy guy, that Bubble Boy.


Is there a more serious issue for a country than when to use its military? When to use force against another country?

Is there a more serious issue for a country with the deadliest military in the world than when to use that military?

And to Bush it was a matter of politics.

And now thousands are dead, thousands are injured.

And Iraq was not a threat to us.

And Bush is still the president.


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