Wednesday, November 09, 2005

On the one hand, apples. On the other hand, oranges.

C.I.A. Asks Criminal Inquiry Over Secret-Prison Article

The Central Intelligence Agency has asked the Justice Department to open a criminal investigation to determine the source of a Washington Post article that said the agency had set up a covert prison network in Eastern Europe and other countries to hold important terrorism suspects, government officials said on Tuesday.

I suppose there will be a lot of false equivalence thrown up about this leak investigation. In a nutshell, it will be: "if you were for the Plame leak being investigated, you have to be for this leak investigation!"

Ah, no. The Plame leak served no greater good outside of protecting the political hides of the Bush administration. The "black sites" leak reveals to us a U.S. policy that concerns due process, human rights, U.S. laws, international treaties.

Also, let's not pretend that the CIA now is the same as the CIA at the time of the Plame leak. Two words: Porter Goss.


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