Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Whistling past the failed military action in Iraq and a worthless presidency

National Strategy for Victory in Iraq

Page One: Title page. "National Strategy for Victory in Iraq." Those last three words, "victory in Iraq," are in a font size of approximately 1,000. Gotta plant that mental seed, "victory in Iraq." Can't miss an opportunity for psy ops marketing.

Page four: Executive Summary. The subheading on this page is "Helping the Iraqi People Defeat the Terrorists and Build an Inclusive Democratic State." I knew then that I need not continue reading this. "Defeat the terrorists"? Only Bubble Boy and his Kool Aid-drinking fanatics believe that what we are doing in Iraq has anything to do with "the terrorists."

I understand that most of what follows goes without saying. But I'm a-gonna say it anyway.

"The terrorists" is a stupid trick of language. In the context of this world, in this decade, when you say "the terrorists," you are talking about Al Qaeda, or wanna-be Al Qaeda cells.

Anyone who cares to know, and to recognize reality, understands that there is no connection between Al Qaeda and Iraq. (But, but, Zarqawi! Whatever. Just because Bubble Boy and Co. say he's a mastermind and a big problem in Iraq, don't make it so.) That's why Bubble Boy doesn't often say "Al Qaeda in Iraq."

The word "terrorist" appears about 80 times in this document, compared to about 6 appearances of "Al Qaida." Bubble Boy doesn't like to say "Al Qaida," which is understandable, since Bin Laden is still out there and we appear to be nowhere close to capturing him. But he loooves to say "terrorist."

After all, anyone who blows stuff up is a terrorist, right? And that's how our troops are being attacked in Iraq, by explosive devices. Therefore, our troops are being attacked by terrorists. Therefore, the people we are fighting are the terrorists.

What's that you say? Shouldn't we recognize that all manner of Iraqis are attacking out troops, some Sunni, some Shia, some secular, and they are attacking our troops for different reasons? Whatever, Poindexter! They blow stuff up, they are terrorists, we fight terrorists, so we fight them.

You may expect that, in matters of national security, in matters of life and death, in matters of international relations, in matters of war, you would get a little more specific with a document like this, that you would get a serious look at the issues. You would be wrong.


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