Monday, December 19, 2005


Bush’s Snoopgate

In these times of Constitutional crisis, when the Executive office is acting illegally, and the Congress is failing to provide oversight, and the danger of dictatorship in this country is closer than ever, it is important that we focus on the important issues.

Like what to call this scandal. Here we have "Snoopgate."

People! Watergate is a hotel. In D.C. A specific place, at which specific events took place, over thirty years ago.

It makes no sense to suffix every scandal with -Gate. It is stupid and lazy, it trivializes the scandal, and dammit it takes away the creativity of our headline writers.

For the love of Nixon, let's just stick with Domestic Spying until we can come up with a suitable, non-Gate name.

We now return to our national crisis, already in progress.


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