Sunday, December 18, 2005

Live Bush

Bush's live address. Five to one says he doesn't mention the whole domestic spying, pissing on the 4th Amendment thingy.

He's describing the run-up to Iraq. No reason to use the phrasing he uses except to deceive and distort. He holds our highest office?

Straw man: Terrorists only attack us if we provoke them ... or something. Are they also more afraid of us than we are of them? Is that what he's saying?

Straw man: Immediate withdrawal, U.S. has lost the war. Too bad no one is actually saying that.

"Iraq will be never again be a safe haven for terrorists." What an asshole. We created the terrorist problem there, and a big you're welcome to Iraqis for that.

Purple ink, bitches! Purple ink!

Defeatism not justified, except by the actual facts. Oh hell, my shorthand negated a falsehood and made it a true statement. Sorry, Bubble Boy!

Boy, he sure looks unaffected by this war. He speaks casually and the only emotion he shows is when knocking down his illogical little straw men.

"Only two options, victory or defeat." Third option - impeachment. Funny that he doesn't consider that one.

ABC News, New Kids: We should fluff the pres for a few minutes. Don't worry your little heads though, here's Desperate Housewives. Oh, and don't pay attention to those clicks you may hear on your phone - just ignore them!


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