Thursday, December 15, 2005

No sharp objects for Bubble Boy

From the dripping-with-liberal Froomkin:

Brian Williams talked to after his Bush interview:

"Williams: I love the details. When I was a White House intern in '79, I loved how the White House staff mirrored the boss. Everybody who worked for President Carter wore his or her watches crystal down because he did. The boss always has a quirk that the staff mirrors, whether they do it consciously or not. In the Bush White House, everybody uses a Sharpie because that's Bush's pen of choice. They are all over the place. Sharpie now makes one for them. It bears a replica of the president's signature on the barrel of the pen. That I noticed by just looking at his inbox in the Oval Office."

Crayola must be pissed. They would have loved to have that endorsement, whether it was an official endorsement or not.

Also, WHO THE FUCK WRITES WITH A SHARPIE?! No wonder Iraq and New Orleans are such a mess - no one can read their own, or anyone else's, handwriting.

"Hmmm, I could have sworn I wrote down, 'Danger, Michael Brown is a clueless knob,' but now that I read it, it looks more like, 'Dapper Michael Brown doing a heckuva job.' That's strange."


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