Thursday, December 22, 2005

Scottie Spokesweasel

Unanswer Man
Scott McClellan Is the President's Spokesman, Which Doesn't Leave Him Much to Say

Colleagues (on-message) say McClellan has held up well in these difficult months. Others (off-message) say he's had a tough time, has lost hair, gained jowls and looks stressed, especially over the Plame case, which made a return to the briefing room Thursday after an absence of a few weeks.

Well, gosh. He can always. Fucking. Quit.

It's a job. And let's face it, it's a job that should be almost impossible to fill.

Job requirements: Be the public face for the administration. Candidate should be aware that the administration lies about matters of life and death, about illegal and unconstitutional programs, and in general feels that the public and press corps can go fuck themselves. Long hours. No pancake-makeup allergies.

Candidate can look forward to a book deal after retirement, but really...who cares what a former White House flak has to say?


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