Friday, January 20, 2006

Bag man for hire

Josh Marshall provides one the clearest examples of the Congress/lobbying/Abramoff scandal. It is easy to grasp - it's a money laundering operation.

Before 2003, the State of Texas had never hired a private sector lobbyist to advocate its interests in Washington, DC. That year Gov. Rick Perry (R) hired Drew Maloney, a former Chief of Staff for Tom DeLay, on a contract that has since paid him $180,000 in state funds.

According to this article in the Houston Chronicle, prior to being hired, Maloney had made no more than $250 in political campaign contributions.

Since being hired he's contributed $75,000 to various Republican political committees.

Check out the rest.

State taxpayer money goes to lobbyist.

Lobbyist gives money to Republicans.

Any questions?

I've got one. How do I get a six-figure gig (there's $105,000 left over in the example above) as a bag man?


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