Thursday, January 26, 2006

Bubble Boy speaks

President Bush Holds a White House Press Conference

We're going to stay on the offense in the war against terror. We'll hunt down the enemies in Afghanistan and Iraq and elsewhere. We'll continue our terrorist surveillance program against Al Qaida.

And we'll continue our propaganda program against the American people.

QUESTION: Mr. President, is Mideast peacemaking dead with Hamas' big election victory? And do you rule out dealing with the Palestinians if Hamas is the majority party?

Imagine, if you will, an American president. A president presiding at the time of an historic election of the Palestinian people. An election in which the lives of Palestinians, Israelis, and people around the world could, and probably will, be affected. And that president in your head responded to the question above. Would it sound anything like this? Be honest.

Peace is never dead, because people want peace. I believe -- and that's why I articulated a two-state solution early in my administration so that -- as a vision for people to work toward, a solution that recognized that democracy yields peace and the best hope for peace in the Middle East is two democracies living side by side.

BUSH: So the Palestinians had an election yesterday, the results of which remind me about the power of democracy.

You see, when you give people the vote, you give people a chance to express themselves at the polls, they -- and if they're unhappy with the status quo, they'll let you know.

That's the great thing about democracy: It provides a look into society.

And yesterday, the turnout was significant, as I understand it. And there was a peaceful process as people went to the polls. And that's positive.

What was also positive is that it's a wakeup call to the leadership.

BUSH: Obviously, people were not happy with the status quo.

The people are demanding honest government. The people want services. They want to be able to raise their children in an environment in which they can get a decent education and they can find health care.

And so the elections should open the eyes of the old guard there in the Palestinian territories.

I like the competition of ideas. I like people that have to go out and say, "Vote for me and here's what I'm going to do." There's something healthy about a system that does that.

And so the elections yesterday were very interesting.

On the other hand, I don't see how you can be a partner in peace if you advocate the destruction of a country as part of your platform.

And I know you can't be a partner in peace if you have a -- if your party has got an armed wing.

BUSH: And so the elections just took place. We will watch very carefully about the formation of the government.

But I will continue to remind people about what I just said: that if your platform is the destruction of Israel, it means you're not a partner in peace. And we're interested in peace.

I've talked to Condi twice this morning. She called President Abbas. She also is going to have a conference call today with the quartet about how to keep the process on the road to peace.

There is nothing in that answer that suggests that Bubble Boy even knows where Israel is on a map. A senior in high school could have slung the same bullshit.


Secondly, I said, "Before we do anything, I want to make sure it's legal."

Damn good of you, Bubble Boy.

Continuing directly:

And so we had our lawyers look at it. And as part of the debate, the discussion with the American people as to the legality of the program, there's no doubt in my mind it is legal.

How often do you have these debates with the American people in your own mind, Mr. President?


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