Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Go with what you know

When the going gets tough, the Bubble gets deployed.

The United States attorneys, all Bush appointees summoned to Washington by the Justice Department, echoed Mr. Bush when they appeared en masse in front of television cameras moments later.

And the straw-people of the day:

"When it came time to renew the act, for partisan reasons, in my mind, people have not stepped up and have agreed that it's still necessary to protect the country," Mr. Bush said. "The enemy has not gone away - they're still there. And I expect Congress to understand that we're still at war and they've got to give us the tools necessary to win this war."

Care to count them off? One, opponents of this legislation feel that it's not necessary to protect the country. Two, opponents of this legislation don't understand that there are still terrrsts out there. Three, opponents of this legislation are not warriors. Four, opponents of this legislation are impeding the work of the warriors.

Mix and match as necessary. Swallow with large quantities of gin, in order to dull critical thinking.


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