Thursday, January 26, 2006

Headline: Bubble Boy admits he is full of shit

President Bush Holds a White House Press Conference


BUSH: You said that I have to "circumvent" it. Wait a minute, that's a -- it's like saying, "You know, you're breaking the law." I'm not.

See, that's what you got to understand: I am upholding my duty and at the same time doing so under the law and with the Constitution behind me. That's just very important for you to understand.

Secondly, the FISA law was written in 1978. We're having the discussion in 2006. It's a different world.

And FISA's still an important tool. It's an important tool, and we still use that tool.

But, also -- and I looked. I said, "Look, is it possible to conduct this program under the old law?" And people said, "It doesn't work in order to be able do the job we expect to us do."

BUSH: And so, that's why I made the decision I made.

And, you know, "circumventing" is a loaded word. And I refuse to accept it, because I believe what I'm doing is legally right.


BUSH: No American will be allowed to torture another human being anywhere in the world.

And I signed the appropriations bill with the McCain amendment attached on it because that's the way it is.

I know some have said, "Well, why did he put a qualifier in there?" And one reason why presidents puts qualifiers in is to protect the prerogative of the executive branch. You see, what we're always doing is making sure that we make it clear that the executive branch has got certain responsibilities.


QUESTION: Do you meet with lobbyists?

BUSH: I try not to.


You know, have I ever met with one? Never having met with one -- if I ever said that, sure enough, you'll go find somebody, you know.

But, no, I don't have them come in.

Now, when, for example, people are helping on issues, like on promoting trade, you bet. We bring them in and I say, "Thank you for promoting CAFTA," or, "Thanks for working on the vote," or, "Thanks for helping on tax relief."

That may be -- if you consider that a meeting, the answer is yes, I'm sure I have, in a room full of people, as we either thank people for success in policy or thank people for going out of their way to help get a piece of legislation passed on the Hill.

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