Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A horse is a horse, of course of course

Why oh why do I look at memeorandum?


Conservative writes a book, Amazon sells book.

Lefties go to Amazon, mock the book.

"Little love for free speech"? Nope, lefties are expressing their love of free speech by mocking the book.

"Deface websites"? Nope, Amazon solicits comments about the books.

"Bookburners"? That's a big nope. Lefties are the pointy-headed, four-eyed book readers, remember?

"Illegally interfering with [Amazon's] business"? Wha? I'm not a lawyer, but what law is being broken? Do I need to repeat that Amazon solicits comments about the books?

"The Left doesn't want people to hear what conservatives have to say, perhaps knowing that they have been intellectually outclassed and proven disastrously wrong by history and current events." Blogs sure are cool, aren't they? You write something like that, and you don't even have to back it up! Cool!

"In short, the Left consists of ill-educated, ill-mannered children. That they keep going to such lengths to prove it shows that they don't have anything else to offer." Well, he's got a point there. It is ill-mannered to use sarcasm and to point and mock and laugh at. But, hey, we've gotta have our fun somehow!


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