Thursday, January 12, 2006

Local Insurgents Tell of Clashes With Al Qaeda's Forces in Iraq

This has the potential to be good news. Assuming that the insurgents can neutralize Al Qaida, and assuming that the insurgents then fold into the political, non-blowing stuff up process. Smarter people than me can weigh in on the likelihood of all that.

But. All I can think of, considering recent history, is that the four men interviewed for this article are plants. They are either not who they say they are, or they are who they say they are, but their interview was prompted or bought by either the U.S. or the Iraqi politicians.

This is what it means when an administration has no credibility, and engages in propaganda. Even cautious good news is suspect. All news is suspect.

We're gonna need Truth and Reconciliation hearings in this country in order to move forward.


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