Wednesday, January 25, 2006

NSA clowning by Scottie Spokesweasel:

we talked with congressional leaders, bipartisan congressional leaders, about this very issue: Should we go and get legislation that would reflect the authority the President already has? And those leaders felt that it could compromise our national security interest and this program if we were to go and get legislation passed.

That must have been some conversation. If only it had taken place here in the real world.

I wonder if Bubble Boy is writing Scottie's responses now? Because this is far less sensible than the mind-numbing noises that Scottie normally makes.

And if Bubble Boy is writing his own stuff, then Lord hallejulah, the end times are near! Lordy lordy.

UPDATE: Hmmm. Was I right? From Thursday's press conference:

Now, my concern has always been that, in an attempt to try to pass a law on something that's already legal, we'll show the enemy what we're doing.


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