Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Playing ping-pong with the 4th Amendment

Probe Set In NSA Bugging

The National Security Agency's inspector general has opened an investigation into eavesdropping without warrants in the United States...

The Pentagon's acting inspector general, Thomas F. Gimble...[said] that his office would decline to launch its own investigation because of the ongoing NSA probe.

Another inspector general, Glenn A. Fine of the Justice Department, [said] in a recent letter that his office does not have jurisdiction.


Justice officials said the request has been referred to the department's Office of Professional Responsibility. As the current attorney general and previous White House counsel, Alberto R. Gonzales played a central role in reviewing the wiretapping effort's legality and has strongly defended it in recent public statements.

I'm sure we'll get answers real soon.


Blogger nightquill said...

Joel Brenner sings:

am the very thorough NSA Inspector General.
My interest in your privacy is flimsy and ephemeral.
My new investigation of the spying that I ratified
Will only end when all the perpetrators are beatified.
And while my probe is going on, I'll tell you from my podium
That any other prober should be treated with opprobrium.
And anyone who'd like to duck a question with agility
Can say that any comment would impede my probe's utility.
And so, since both my counterparts at Justice and the Pentagon
Eschew responsibility, and Congress won't prevent a con,
I'm hoping your attention span is flimsy and ephemeral:
I am a very thorough NSA Inspector General!

Tue Jan 17, 02:46:00 AM EST  

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