Friday, January 27, 2006

So. Predictable.

Who? Both Howie and Power Tools.


I've always seen the Congressional Research Service as nonpartisan, as do most journalists. But Power Line's Scott Johnson digs up this nugget:

"The Congressional Research Service followed up with yet another report on January 18, this one by Alfred Cumming on the statutory procedures under which Congress is to be informed of intelligence activities. According to the Washington Post story on the report, Cumming found that the administration 'appears to have violated the National Security Act by limiting its briefings about a warrantless domestic eavesdropping program to congressional leaders...

"The 'nonpartisan' Mr. Cumming contributed $1,250 to Sen. John Kerry's 2004 presidential campaign, according to the Web site PoliticalMoneyLine."

In this formulation, Mr. Cumming can now never say a true, objective thing. His $1,250 has bought him a one-way ticket to Partisantown. And all residents of Partisantown are, depending on your perspective, slightly biased, or heavily biased, or loony. (Depending on how nice your lawn is.)

Message: I think we can safely dismiss anything that this Cumming fellow has to say ever again, don't you?

And, really, if you expect such leading lights as Howie and Power Tools to hear your position, you should just put that checkbook away. That's need to write that check to the Dems...that's right, just put down the pen. See how much better that is for everyone?


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