Thursday, February 16, 2006

Via firedoglake, Fablog has more Dick than you could ever want.

Shooter Dick talks a lot about the delay in notifying the press and the public, that it was out of concern about accuracy in getting the story out. Too bad he wasn't as concerned about accuracy with WMD in Iraq, or Iraq's connections to Al Qaida.

Cheney: Well, when I first saw him in the hospital, for example, he said, look, he said, I don’t want this to create problems for you. He literally was more concerned about me and the impact on me than he was on the fact that he’d been shot.

You know, it's always hard to imagine yourself in these situations. There are so many aspects that you're not aware of, and therefore can't take into consideration. Having said that, if I were Mr. Whittington, I believe my reaction would have been, "Dude. You shot me in the fucking face." Possibly followed with, "Get the fuck away from me." And I might add, "What, are you here to finish the job?"


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