Wednesday, February 15, 2006

We should not lose sight of the fact that our troops are in Iraq, and in Afghanistan, Osama is at large, New Orleans is ruined, the country is in debt, we have changed an entire planet's climate, the country's legislature stinks of putrid corruption, millions are uninsured, people are hungry, the wealthly are moving ahead while the rest stay put or fall behind, and the average American cares more about reality TV than any of those things.

But it is still appropriate to focus on Shooter Dick. This event sure does bring his arrogance into sharp relief. Downplaying the injuries. Putting the responsibility on the man who was shot. Keeping the public uninformed. Receiving questionable treatment from the local police.

What exactly does "public service" mean to Shooter Dick? Or he is part of some aristocracy that we were previously unaware of?

And where is the Bubble Boy in all of this? Is he even going to pretend to be in charge? [Crickets] Forget I asked.


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