Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The (assumed) chain of assumptions for the Washington Post:

  • The 2004 election revealed that there was a conservative and/or Republican majority in this country.

  • The opinions of this majority had been overlooked and underrepresented in the Washington Post.

  • This oversight was exacerbated by the existence of a Post feature that observes and criticizes the White House.

  • Criticism of the Bush White House means that the critic is liberal.

  • The Post would be well served to add a writer to speak for and to the conservative and/or Republican point of view.

  • That writer's qualifications are ...

Er, wait.

  • That writer was chosen because ...

Um. Sorry. I've got nothing for that one. I simply can't get in the collective heads over there to figure that one out. Possibly something along the lines of, "let's get one of the guys from RedState - RedState, Red America - get it?"

But I'm trying to be a bit more charitable than that.


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