Thursday, March 02, 2006

I don't need to add anything to the commentary about the video evidence of Bubble Boy's asshole-ery.

I would like to steal something from Froomkin, though:

Apparently as a rejoinder to the new video, the White House yesterday suddenly sent around a transcript that it previously said didn't exist, from a conference call on the following day. It includes a second-hand account of Bush's activities from Michael Brown, the Bush-appointed FEMA director who later resigned in disgrace, describing the president as engaged, watching TV and asking questions.

(Emphasis added.)

Kinda puts the lie to all those claims of Executive privilege, don't it?


Uh-oh. More Froomkin:

Faced with challenges like these -- an attack on our nation or a natural disaster bearing down on our shores -- we can reasonably expect that our presidents will stand up, demand answers and options, and lead.

Someone alert Debbie Howell - can you believe how liberal that statement is? I sure hope that kind of crazy talk is labeled as "opinion"!!!


Anonymous rimone said...

about that transcript--it's 'the dog ate my homework but then i got it back' (not mine, read it somewhere else).

Fri Mar 03, 06:04:00 AM EST  

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