Friday, March 17, 2006

New York is still New York. It's just that it is now located in TCFKAUSA.

Police Memos Say Arrest Tactics Calmed Protest

In five internal reports made public yesterday as part of a lawsuit, New York City police commanders candidly discuss how they had successfully used "proactive arrests," covert surveillance and psychological tactics at political demonstrations in 2002, and recommend that those approaches be employed at future gatherings.

"Proactive arrests." Nicely done.

Indeed, one of the documents — a draft report from the department's Disorder Control Unit — proposed in blunt terms the resumption of a covert tactic that had been disavowed by the city and the federal government 30 years earlier. Under the heading of recommendations, the draft suggested, "Utilize undercover officers to distribute misinformation within the crowds."

"Disorder Control Unit." That needs some work. Doesn't quite qualify as doublespeak. How about "Rights Enforcement Unit." Or "Free Speech Zone Detail." Or "Citizen Protection Unit."


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