Thursday, April 27, 2006

Another day, another steaming pile of Hinddroppings passed along without comment by Howard Kurtz.
Tony is one of the world's nice people. He is also a close student of the news, and I think he's been known to read our site from time to time. His congeniality and media background will buy him some popularity with the reporters who cover the White House. But essentially all of them are partisan Democrats, so that goodwill will last for about a week. What the White House really needs is someone who can push back aggressively against the liberal tilt of the media, and make the administration's case directly to the people. Tony Snow is equipped to do this, I think; the question is, will he?

Emphasis added.For all the huffy "you don't know journalism" statements that Kurtz makes in his on-line columns and chats, you'd think that he'd throw some of that attitude Hindvapor's way. Perhaps instruct him about objectivity, the process of reporting and editing, and of considering and presenting multiple viewpoints, instead of passing along this kind of alternate reality nonsense.

Or does Kurtz agree that reporters = partisans? Partisans - actively, openly working towards a political goal, or for a political party. Does Kurtz agree, because I don't see a disagreement here.

Or does Kurtz file this one under his "my readers are smart enough to figure this out" cop-out?


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