Saturday, April 15, 2006

Couldn't they have protested in their hearts?

For Immigrants and Business, Rift on Protests
"I have no problem with the demonstration, but this is a business," said Charley Bohley, an owner of Rodes restaurant and fishmarket in Bonita Springs, who fired the 10 workers there after posting a note warning employees that they could not miss work for a rally on Monday. "Couldn't they have protested in the morning before work? Couldn't they have protested in their hearts?"

Couldn't they have protested in their hearts?

Couldn't they have just shut the fuck up?

Couldn't they have thought of their own security?

Couldn't they have seen that I would fire them?

Couldn't they put themselves before their fellow humans?

Couldn't they accept their place?

Couldn't they just pray for change, instead of acting to affect change?

Couldn't they see that I hold the power, to hire, to fire, to glare in disapproval at certain conversations, to use their very job as blackmail, to see them as dollars and cents with unfortunate biological functions, to see them as interchangeable with the next slob to come in the door?

Couldn't they see that I. am. fucking. in. charge. here?

Couldn't they?


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