Thursday, April 13, 2006

In the America that we are taught about in our schools, this would not be considered a win.

But in TCFKAUSA, it is.

Librarians Win as U.S. Relents on Secrecy Law
After fighting ferociously for months, federal prosecutors relented yesterday and agreed to allow a Connecticut library group to identify itself as the recipient of a secret F.B.I. demand for records in a counterterrorism investigation.

Unless I'm too dense to see it, the article does not address whether or not the library group will have to turn over their records.

This "win" is simply that the library group can publicly say that they were subpeonaed, or served with a national security lettter, or whatever the appropriate totalitarian term is. Before, they were under a gag order.

Hooray! Three cheers for pseudo-liberty! Hooray!


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