Friday, April 07, 2006

Not that links are necessary on this one, but ...

Via TPM, this Post account of the leaky Bubble Boy:
A senior administration official, speaking on background because White House policy prohibits comment on an active investigation, said Bush sees a distinction between leaks and what he is alleged to have done. The official said Bush authorized the release of the classified information to assure the public of his rationale for war as it was coming under increasing scrutiny.


in order for Bush to make his public case for war,

he authorized one of his aides

to reveal, on a not for attribution basis, to a reporter

selected details from a previously classified document

while at the same time insisting that a summary of that classified document remain classified.

And I seem to vaguely recall some issues that the aide and the reporter had in regards to keeping their conversations private.

This is how Bush makes his public case for war.


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