Thursday, May 25, 2006

Ben Sisario, I'd like to introduce you to two gentlemen who have been selflessly mocking this effort to claim artistic stuff in the name of conservatism. I mention this because you seem to be unaware of their defining work, and therefore your article is, well, a bit naive and little sad.

Also, Mr. Sisario, you need to rethink this one:
The list comes at a time when liberal protest songs are gaining popularity. Public approval of the Bush administration and the Iraq war is at a low, and the patriotic sentiments expressed in some rock and country songs in the aftermath of 9/11 seem to have vanished.

The copy of the Constitution that President Bush goes by seems to have been edited, possibly by former Kremlin officials. The copy that the rest of us are familiar with does not jive with Guantanamo and ignoring pesky international agreements like the Geneva Convention; the copy that the rest of us know actually contains the 1st, 4th, and 6th amendments.

In light of this, saying that "Let's Impeach the President" is somehow not a "patriotic sentiment," well - you didn't even know that was Kool-Aid you were drinking, did you? Poor fella.


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