Friday, May 26, 2006

This is crazy.

I was inclined to not worry so much about the separation of powers issue when the Feds raided Jefferson's office. I guess the freezer full of cash cooled (ha!) my sympathy for the argument that this was one branch using its power over another branch.

But now Bush is getting involved?

That makes those separation of powers alarm bells ring a whole lot louder.

Bush respects no bounds when it comes to politics. His intervention in the matter of these seized documents raises the level on this whole thing.

Apparently, AG(GH!) Gonzalez signed off on the Jefferson raid. Hmmm. Wonder if there was a similar request for Cunningham's offices. Or DeLay's. And if there were other requests, I wonder if the AG(GH!) turned them down.

In and of itself, this Congressional office search could be justified. But in the context of Bush's tendency to use a copy of the Constitution that was heavily edited by former Kremlin officials ("you vant new justice system, only militwary courts? no problem! vat a country", etc., etc.), then this is definitely cause for concern.


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