Friday, June 23, 2006

Shorter Richard Morin: I never want to be taken seriously about anything, ever again.

And: You damn kids get off of my lawn.

In case this isn't substantive enough, here it is, in uppercase letters for the reading and comprehension impaired. MAYBE THE REASON THAT THESE VIEWERS ARE CYNICAL IS BECAUSE CYNICISM TOWARDS OUR GOVERNMENT AND MEDIA IS ENTIRELY WARRANTED.

And, please, talk to some social scientists about causation, please. You haven't quite made the connection between viewers and cynicism and lack of voting. For evidence, permit me to offer this count of the number of weasel words in this short item:

may be - 1
could - 2

Watching the Daily Show COULD also inspire these cynical young hippie pot smokers I said get off my lawn! viewers to get personally involved in politics and government, but then saying that wouldn't get Morin invited on the show, I suppose.


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