Friday, July 21, 2006

Howie Kurtz sorta kinda addresses questions that Glenn Greenwald, among others, has raised. Questions about how big media has a narrative about political-left bloggers being angry and irrational, but how big media does not have a corresponding narrative for political-right bloggers calling people traitors and calling for the execution of these supposed traitors.

The column's headline is "Thunder on the Left." Naturally. On the issue of eliminationist rhetoric from political-right bloggers, it only makes sense to highlight that the noise about the issue is coming from the political-left bloggers. All in the name of even-handedness, don'tcha know.

Anyway. Here is Kurtz:
In an online chat the other day, someone got mad at me for saying that there was as much anger toward the media on the left these days as there has always been on the right.

After all, haven't a couple of conservative bomb-throwers said that journalists should be tried, convicted, hung, shot and otherwise disrespected for spilling national security secrets?

True, and I haven't come across any liberal opinion-mongers wishing quite the same fate on card-carrying journalists. But let's not make the mistake of confusing the views of a few extremists with those of everyone on their side of the spectrum.

Notice, please, that among the "few extremists" are bloggers that Kurtz regularly cites. Instawhozit and Malkin, for example. So, Kurtz is attempting to dismiss the significance of a "few extremists," while deeming these people significant enough to regularly cite them in his column. Oh. Kay.

More Kurtz:
Trust me when I say that many liberals are really ticked off at the MSM, even though the nature of their criticism is very different from their rivals on the right. The anger that liberals feel over media coverage of President Bush and the war is tinged with deep disappointment over journalistic shortcomings and a hope, however vain, that things can be improved. Why aren't you on our side? The anger among conservatives is fed by decades of feeling that the MSM is a bastion of bias, and a sense of futility that things will ever change. Why can't we get an even break?

I think Kurtz is attempting a middle-ground viewpoint here. "Look, both sides are angry. Behold my objectivity! And balance!"

'Cept, the issue is not who is angry. I get angry at other drivers on my in to work every day. Everybody gets angry. Anger is not the issue. The issue is, what about these people who are calling for executions? What about these people whose view of professional journalists, whose view of appointed judges, whose view of these people doing their jobs is that they should be killed for saying things and coming to conclusions that the political-right bloggers don't like?

These are dangerous, extremist positions. It is being under-reported, and it is being white-washed here by Kurtz.

But, hey, I'm sure that this post can be written off as "angry," so never mind after all and hey look! Kate Hudson!


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