Tuesday, August 22, 2006

It's nice to be able to laugh. You might think that the prez would be a bit down and grumpy about all that death and carnage in Iraq, but nosir, he's joking, the press corps is joking, it's all good fun.

According to the transcript, there were 25 separate instances of laughter at yesterday's press conference.

Here's a bit from the end.

THE PRESIDENT: I believe that Plan B ought to be -- ought to require a prescription for minors, is what I believe. And I support Andy's decision.

Thanks for letting me come by the new digs here. They may be a little too fancy for you.

Q We'd be happy to go back.

Q Are we coming back?

THE PRESIDENT: Absolutely, you're coming back.

Q Can we hold you to that?

THE PRESIDENT: Coming back to the bosom of the White House. (Laughter.) I'm looking forward to hugging you when you come back, everybody. When are you coming back?

Q You tell us.

Q May.

THE PRESIDENT: May, is that when it is scheduled?

Q They've sealed off of our -- they sealed off the door. We're wondering if we're really coming back or not.

Q The decision will be made by commanders on the ground. (Laughter.)

Q There's no timetable.

THE PRESIDENT: What do you think this is, a correspondents dinner or something? (Laughter.)

Thank you all.

Maybe it helps if you always look at things in the abstract. Or something. Damned if I know.

And "bosom"? "Hugging you"? That's just creepy, frightening, and probably an uncomfortable glimpse into the prez's mindset. Blech.


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