Friday, September 22, 2006

Are there are any other laws that the executive branch has broken that the legislative branch will be excusing by retroactively making it legal?

The warrantless wiretapping, perhaps?

The senators agreed to a White House proposal to make the standard on interrogation treatment retroactive to 1997, so C.I.A. and military personnel could not be prosecuted for past treatment under standards th administration considers vague.

I'm done with my little gripe about the lack of the word torture in the news articles about this legislative soul-selling. Not because there was any improvement - there wasn't. My quick count of today's NYT article shows two uses, one describing McCain's past, and one that actually refers to the legislation.

My new gripe is that this is a clusterfuck of an article. It's about as clear as a technical manual. Maybe that's because this is a clusterfuck of legislation, but guess what - the NYT should be making it a point to clearly describe what's going on here. That's their responsibility as the top newspaper in the country. They didn't even come close to meeting that responsibility here.


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