Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Stricter Voting Laws Carve Latest Partisan Divide

The NYT treats us to a lot of "he said, she said" about legislative efforts to suppress voters. You gotta read through to paragraph TWENTY to get to this:
There is no data, however, to show more than isolated instances of so-called impostor voting by illegal immigrants or others.

Experts in election law say most voter fraud involves absentee balloting, which is unaffected by the new photo identification laws. Few people, they say, will risk a felony charge to vote illegally at the polls, and few illegal immigrants want to interact with government officials — even people running a polling place.

Of Arizona’s 2.7 million registered voters, 238 were believed to have been noncitizens in the last 10 years; only 4 were believed to have voted; and none were impostors, plaintiffs stipulate in their lawsuit to overturn the law, statistics the state has not challenged. Nor is there evidence of impostor voting in Georgia, Indiana or Missouri.

Thanks a bunch, NYT. This article could very well have been a report headlined "GOP Claims About 'Voter Fraud' Mostly a Bunch of Crap." That would have been a more accurate assessment, even though it wouldn't qualify as "balanced."


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