Monday, October 23, 2006

From the "other" Congressional race in the area, the one in which they actually (hold on to something) had a debate. McNulty (or McNutty, if you're a fan of The Wire) and Redlich.
Even though he's a Republican like Sweeney, Redlich acknowledges he identifies closely with Gillibrand.

"I think that's a completely baseless reason to avoid a debate," Redlich said of Sweeney's insistence that Gillibrand release her tax returns.

This has been your "no shit" moment of the day. John Sweeney doesn't care about the tax returns - he simply doesn't want to face his opponent.


Blogger Albany Lawyer said...

Thought you might want to know that I endorsed Gillibrand yesterday, and maybe post this to your readers.

Our press release is at our: Stop Wasting Money blog.


Thu Nov 02, 06:42:00 AM EST  
Blogger Lame Man said...

Mr. Redlich,

Thank you for this considerate endorsement.

It is difficult for me to understand any endorsement for Sweeney, for the reasons you mention in your press release, but especially for his turning a blind eye to the sweatshops in the Marianas for the benefit of Abramoff and DeLay. I can't comprehend how the voters can want someone like that representing them.

I respect that you are basing your endorsement on consideration of the issues, rather than strictly on party lines.


Thu Nov 02, 09:29:00 AM EST  

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