Friday, October 20, 2006

John Sweeney the flip-flopper

From the Glens Falls Post-Star, yesterday:
"I think that the strategy of 'staying the course' is not a strategy at all. It doesn't work. There are going to have to be adjustments in any war if that is the case," Sweeney, R-Clifton Park, said in a speech to the Glens Falls Kiwanis Club.

From a Sweeney press release, June 2006:
Zarqawi represents the insidious forces that we are fighting in the War on Terror. This is a critical example of why we must stay the course and finish this mission. Why we have an obligation to rid Iraq of the hatred and zealotry that festers. As Iraqis celebrate the end of this terrorists reign, the young government they are forming will only be strengthened by this action as they continue to determine their own future.

Sweeney: for "stay the course" before he was against it. What a flip-flopper.


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Just for the record, I came up with this post independently of the same damn post at TPM. I truly am a lame blogger.

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