Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Kurtz actually calls BS on a couple of hacks in his column today.
I don't know how this became the new Republican talking point. I mean, I'm all for criticizing the media for, say, overplaying the Foley scandal or running too many polls-say-Democrats-will-win stories. But what journalist even thinks about convincing voters to stay home?

Yet there was the star of "Hannity & the Other Guy" on Friday--the same Sean Hannity who is campaigning for Republican Michael Steele today in the Maryland Senate race--declaring that "the media seems somewhat complicit. I argue that there's even sort of an institutionalized bias to sort of suppress voting and take away initiative from people -- that's how I feel -- based on the news coverage."

Okayyy. And now comes Fred Barnes , executive editor of the Weekly Standard [...]

Wow. Rather than letting the crackpottery pass without comment, Kurtz actually points it out. Nicely done.


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