Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I don't normally watch the teevee news, but I needed to obsess over the election results last night. Here are a few things I learned from watching the teevee news:

All the Democratic victories last night were by candidates who are "conservative Democrats." As opposed to, presumably, the dirty, stinky, hippie Democratic candidates. Come to think of it, no examples were given of the dirty, stinky, hippie candidates. But I'm sure they were out there, because the teevee people were saying so.

Watching and listening to Chris Matthews is like watching a pinball game. He is all over the place; he will hit on a spot, then bounce away from that spot quickly, in a fairly unpredictable fashion. His broadcast is like being invited into his own little psychodrama, in which he makes strange assumptions about shared opinions and viewpoints and invites people to comment on them. As a viewer, I found myself trying to understand where the hell his assumptions came from, but he moves so quickly, bouncing away as soon as he hits on something, that I could not keep up. And I didn't really see any reason to try, so I stopped.

Tom Brokaw looked peeved that the Democratic victory in the House was messing with the "America has become more conservative" story line. But this was two minutes before I tuned out and went to bed, so maybe I'm wrong on this one.

UPDATE: Oh, one more thing I learned. Today, apparently, is the first day of the 2008 presidential campaign. Feel the excitement - only 726 days until the next election! Or, to put it another way, "the Dems have won the House, we are still waiting on the Senate, but after a couple more days we the media will begin ignoring them in earnest. Congrats, though! That's cute - you won the House. Adorable!"


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