Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Shorter Howard Kurtz: Fuck off, rabble. I'll decide the appropriate questions for media figures.

Stop Him Before He Comments Again!
Should pundits be punished over Iraq?

Put another way, why should we listen to those who were wrong about the war?

I would suggest that a little humility is in order here. Lots of media people, liberal as well as conservative, were wrong about the war, just as they've been wrong about all kinds of other issues.

Should they be held accountable? Should they be pressed on whether they now admit they were wrong, and how their thinking has changed since the invasion? Should they not be able to get away with the dodge that they thought Bush would manage the war much better than he did? Yes, yes, and yes.

But should they be hooted off the public stage? Tarred and feathered? Sent to reeducation camp? I don't think so.

People should be held accountable, but not hooted. Sounds like a vote for civility.

They should be "pressed," which is presumably what Howie does on his show. They should not be "tarred and feathered," nor sent to "reeducation camp." Which no one is calling for, but makes for a swell straw man.

In other words, Kurtz is tired of you motherfuckers talking amongst yourselves and declaring his potential guests are discredited asswipes. So, stop it.


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