Friday, March 24, 2006

Not just a bad policy: invasion and occupation, war and death and injury and destruction, as a means of growing democracy.

Not just incompetent: failure to understand the country you are invading and occupying, and failing to make things better than they were before the invasion and occupation.

Not just those things. Corrupt, too!


Or another example of TCFKAUSA.
Dionne points out the big, dumb elephant, soiling itself in the middle of the room.

Hold on: The president of the United States runs the "big government" he's attacking. This is mysterious. If Bush's "good, hardworking people" aren't responsible for the problem, the villains of the piece must be alien creatures created by some strange beast called Big Government.

Here's a thought: Let's stop voting people into office who profess how much they hate the government.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The (assumed) chain of assumptions for the Washington Post:

  • The 2004 election revealed that there was a conservative and/or Republican majority in this country.

  • The opinions of this majority had been overlooked and underrepresented in the Washington Post.

  • This oversight was exacerbated by the existence of a Post feature that observes and criticizes the White House.

  • Criticism of the Bush White House means that the critic is liberal.

  • The Post would be well served to add a writer to speak for and to the conservative and/or Republican point of view.

  • That writer's qualifications are ...

Er, wait.

  • That writer was chosen because ...

Um. Sorry. I've got nothing for that one. I simply can't get in the collective heads over there to figure that one out. Possibly something along the lines of, "let's get one of the guys from RedState - RedState, Red America - get it?"

But I'm trying to be a bit more charitable than that.
White House Sealed Due to Suspicious Package

Rove must have ordered this up as soon as he got back to his office after Bush's news conference yesterday.

Can't blame him. At one point, Bubble Boy was waving his arms around like the proverbial headless chicken. I can't imagine anyone wanting to buy a car from the man on the TV screen yesterday, let alone a military invasion and occupation.

So, stoke the fear, get people thinking "that package could show up at MY office or school or 7-11." Get a little sympathy for the White House. Same old, same old.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Release of captured documents

The Director of National Intelligence dumps a bunch of "documents and media captured" during the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

From a news account, with my emphasis added:

Still, conservative bloggers, eager to bolster the case for going to war against Iraq, have long argued for release of the documents. They gained a powerful ally last month in Michigan Republican Pete Hoekstra, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. In an interview with blogger Andrew Marcus, Hoekstra called for Negroponte to release the documents online. ''Unleash the power of the Net," Hoekstra said. ''Let the blogosphere go." Kansas Republican Pat Roberts, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, backed Hoekstra's proposal.


According to an intelligence official who declined to be identified, Negroponte plans to release all documents that have no further intelligence value.

Just so we're clear on that last point.

Monday, March 20, 2006

A moment of silence, please