Friday, October 20, 2006

So, in the past however many hours:

The Bush DOJ tells the courts to forget about all those habeas corpus petitions, on account of the MCA.

The under-investigation head of the House Appropriations committee, Jerry Lewis, fired a whole bunch of investigators.

The wingnut head of the House Intelligence Committee, Peter "I found WMD's in my cereal this morning!" Hoekstra, suspended a Democratic staffer based on ... well, nothing.

Why do I get the feeling that somewhere Bush is sitting in a church, a la The Godfather, while this is all going on.
John Sweeney the flip-flopper

From the Glens Falls Post-Star, yesterday:
"I think that the strategy of 'staying the course' is not a strategy at all. It doesn't work. There are going to have to be adjustments in any war if that is the case," Sweeney, R-Clifton Park, said in a speech to the Glens Falls Kiwanis Club.

From a Sweeney press release, June 2006:
Zarqawi represents the insidious forces that we are fighting in the War on Terror. This is a critical example of why we must stay the course and finish this mission. Why we have an obligation to rid Iraq of the hatred and zealotry that festers. As Iraqis celebrate the end of this terrorists reign, the young government they are forming will only be strengthened by this action as they continue to determine their own future.

Sweeney: for "stay the course" before he was against it. What a flip-flopper.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Why does the GOP hate American voters?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I am not satisfied with the name of this legislation: the Military Commissions Act, or MCA.

How about these?

The Malice to the Constitution Act.

The Malignant Commander-in-chief Act.

The Miniaturized Congress Act.

The Mortified Citizens Act.
The slowest blog on the internets

I'm a pretty frequent commenter over at the TU Capitol Confidential blog. They have a strange way of running things over there. They hold comments, and presumably review them, before they post the comments to the blog. This results in ridiculous delays between submitting a comment and seeing it posted on the blog.

For example, there is this post about a poll in the 20th Congressional District race. The time stamp on the post is 10/16 at 7:37 pm. As of 11:15 AM on 10/17, there were no comments posted. Now, as of 11:30 AM on 10/17, there are eight comments posted. The time stamps on the comments range from 9:35 PM on the 16th to 10:20 AM today.

So, for the first commenter, that is about a 12 hour delay in seeing her comment posted.


The TU blog: the stalled vehicle on the information superhighway.

I won't even get into how they conduct their review of comments. That's a whole 'nother topic.